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Death Valley: Its Impounded Americans

Death Valley:  Its Impounded Americans
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Death Valley: Its Impounded Americans By Ralph P. "Pete" Merritt, Jr.

Following a riot at Manzanar on the first anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the War Relocation Authority determined that the lives of 65 Manzanar residents were in jeopardy because of views that were considered pro-American or sympathetic to the camp’s administration. To ensure their safety, these internees were relocated to the abandoned Cow Creek Civilian Conservation Camp in what was then Death Valley National Monument, and the story of their evacuation and stay at Cow Creek is a fascinating footnote to the story of wartime internment. Written by the son of Ralph P. Merritt, Director of the War Relocation Authority at Manzanar.

Paperback: 20 pp

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