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The Teacher Box

The Teacher Box
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The Teacher Box: Our exclusive collection of Educator Resources

The park rangers at Manzanar National Historic Site, working in collaboration with educators and partners, recently created an extensive package of Educator Resources for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and other educators. The materials are designed to challenge students to explore civil liberties and civil rights as they learn about the internment of Japanese Americans and other facets of Manzanar's history. The Essential Question “How does identity shape my experience in America” is an important central theme that serves to unify the teaching resources. The curriculum includes lessons for both Primary and Secondary levels which explore the concept of identity though discussions focused on perceptions, racial identity, fear and war hysteria and violations of civil rights through the lens of Japanese American internment.

In addition to the 235-page curriculum, the Educator Resources box includes:

An Educator Resources disc with Adobe PDF files of the entire curriculum and California and National standards; 68 “ID booklet” biographies; a variety of Manzanar publications including timelines, glossary, maps, statistics, and more; and galleries of historic documents, artwork, and historic and contemporary photos
The award-winning documentary DVD Remembering Manzanar
Manzanar: Desert Diamonds Behind Barbed Wire DVD, including two hour-long broadcasts of Ball State University's Electronic Field Trip to Manzanar as well as related lesson plans
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project Civil Liberties Curriculum CD-ROM with lesson plans and an overview of using Densho's extensive online resources, as well as a Densho brochure
The official park brochure for Manzanar National Historic Site
• Four reproduced issues of the Manzanar Free Press newspaper, published from 1942 to 1945
• One reproduction of the May 1942 Instructions to All Japanese Exclusion Poster
Reflections in Three Self-Guided Tours of Manzanar book produced and donated by the Manzanar Committee.

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