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Sakura Sensu Large Tote

 Sakura Sensu Large Tote
Item# 1171

Yancha Sakura Sensu Large Tote Our Yancha bags are truly exclusive, sold at only a few outlets. They are handmade with both an exquisite attention to detail and a sturdiness unexpected in an accessory so lovely.

With its tones of beige, brown, ochre and blue, this large tote will go with a variety of colors and outfits. The pattern features delicate fans and blossoms, with a feeling both traditional and modern.

This roomy bag can serve many purposes, easily doubling as a briefcase or diaper bag. It measures 16” wide x 11” high x 6” deep, with a strap that’s 13” high. The bottom is tough (reinforced and waterproof), and the exterior is washable. Inside it is lined with black satin, with a generous double pocket and a patented stainless steel magnetic snap closure.


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