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Yancha Cosmetic Bag Apples

Yancha Cosmetic Bag Apples
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Yancha Cosmetic Bag Apples Our Yancha bags are truly exclusive, sold at only a few outlets. They are handmade with both an exquisite attention to detail and a sturdiness unexpected in an accessory so lovely.

This useful cosmetic bag will spruce up the contents of any handbag or suitcase. At Manzanar, apples are a part of the area’s layers of history: the name of the orchard community which preceded the internment camp was derived from the Spanish word for apple, manzana. And this mouth-watering print will transport you right back to an aromatic kitchen of the 1940s.

Measuring 9 ½” wide x 6” high, its practical exterior is water-resistant and washable. It is lined with fabric, and the zipper has an elegant black satin ribbon attached.



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