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Yancha Cosmetic Bag Sushi

Yancha Cosmetic Bag Sushi
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Yancha Cosmetic Bag Sushi
Yancha Cosmetic Bag, Sushi Our Yancha bags are truly exclusive, sold at only a few outlets. They are handmade with both an exquisite attention to detail and a sturdiness unexpected in an accessory so lovely. This useful cosmetic bag will spruce up the contents of any handbag or suitcase. Its bright fabric features an array of favorite sushi selections with names sprinkled among the colorful images.

Measuring 9- wide x 6 high, its practical exterior is water-resistant and washable. It is lined with fabric, and the zipper has an elegant black satin ribbon attached. Available in Black or Red background. Click the inset image (above) to see an enlargement of the red bag.



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