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Huell Howser Visits Manzanar

Huell Howser Visits Manzanar
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A special compilation with two complete episodes of "California's Gold"

Join PBS host Huell Howser for a poignant visit to Manzanar, an historic place in California's and the nation's history.

In the first episode, Huell joins a group of former internees who recount their time at Manzanar and then actually rediscover their names which they scrawled in the wet cement of the camp's reservoir.

In the second episode, Huell visits with famed artist Henry Fukuhara as he painted Manzanar in recent years and talks about the artwork he did there years ago as an internee. Then we hear the inspirational story of Mary Nomura, the "Songbird of Manzanar," and hear her perform again on the very stage on which she sang as a young woman in the early 1940s. Both these episodes tell the stories of people who persevered and succeeded in this remote and isolated place called Manzanar.

Also included is a 1943 US Government film entitled "Japanese Relocation," which is an official interpretation of what happened.

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