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Kiyo's Story

Kiyo's Story
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Kiyo's Story By Kiyo Sato When Kiyo Sato's father arrived in California, he was determined to plant his roots in the land of opportunity after leaving Japan. He, his wife, and their nine American-born children labored in the fields together, building a successful farm. But at the outbreak of World War II, Kiyo's family was interned in Poston, Arizona. Throughout their trials, the family pulled together to survive. Kiyo managed to work her way through college; her brothers served in the army. After the war they returned to a ruined farm and a despoiled house. They began again.

This moving memoir, originally published as Dandelion Through the Cracks, has received multiple literary awards and critical acclaim. In eloquent prose it tells the story of the family's struggle to endure in harsh conditions and to rebuild their lives after the war in the face of lingering prejudice.

Paperback: 352 pp.

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