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Toyo Miyatake: Infinite Shades of Gray

Toyo Miyatake:  Infinite Shades of Gray
Item# 1423

Toyo Miyatake: Infinite Shades of Gray Produced by Karen L. Ishizuka. Directed by Robert A. Nakamura

Elegant and penetrating, Toyo Miyatake: Infinite Shades of Gray positions this immigrant photographer within the canon of American Art.

In Los Angeles, Toyo Miyatake is renowned as Little Tokyo's foremost studio photographer. To others he is known for having smuggled a lens and film holder into one of America's WWII concentration camps and being the first to capture life behind barbed wire with a makeshift camera made of scrap wood. Yet it was his little known artistic pursuits before the war that honed his discerning eye. Miyatake's pictorial and modernist photographs are presented for the first time since they were exhibited in the 1920s and 1930s.

Also included are never-before-seen images of Manzanar, the WWII camp Miyatake was incarcerated in, and recently-discovered home movies of Little Tokyo taken by Miyatake.

Running time: 30 minutes. All regions: Includes Japanese subtitles.

DVD BONUS FEATURE: Moving Memories Produced by Karen L. Ishizuka / Created and Edited by Robert A. Nakamura

George Takei hosts MOVING MEMORIES, a journey into the 1920s and 1930s featuring restored and edited home movies taken by Japanese American immigrant pioneers as they made America their new home.

Running time: 31 min.


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