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Poston: Camp 11, Block 211

Poston: Camp 11, Block 211
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Poston: Camp 11, Block 211 By Jack Matsuoka

In this revised version of Jack Matsuoka's first book of cartoons, the reader will find a vital illustration of life in the detention camps in which thousands of loyal Japanese American citizens were forced to spend most of the years of World War II.

Jack Matsuoka knows what he is writing and drawing about because he was a teenager who experienced the inconveniences, the ironies, the humor and the tragedy of being a citizen imprisoned for nothing more than ancestry. He has treated all of the many aspects of camp life with the understanding of a firsthand witness and with the wit of a talented humorist and artist. In spite of its lightness, the book is disturbing and provocative.

Paperback: 158 pp

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