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Origami From Around the World

Origami From Around the World
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Origami From Around the World By Vincente Palacios

Origamists in search of new and interesting challenges will find them in this treasury of 104 unusual origami projects with an international flavor.

Paper folders can select from a rich array of subjects from countries around the world and create such unique objects as a legionnaire’s hat, a Buddha, a Celtic helmet, Lohengrin’s swan, Persian slippers, a geisha and a Dutchwoman, a Chinese junk, a Muslim praying, and a suit of armor, as well as a vase, frog, bird in flight, houseboat, horse, elephant and more.

A useful list of symbols indicates basic folding instructions, while easy-to-follow, step-by-step diagrams and captions accompany each project, allowing paper-folders at all skill levels to complete the folding process successfully.

Paperback: 176 pp

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