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Ansel Adams Cemetery Monument Poster

Ansel Adams Cemetery Monument Poster
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Ansel Adams Cemetery Poster I believe that the acrid splendor of the desert, ringed with the towering mountains, has strengthened the spirit of the people of Manzanar. Ansel Adams, Foreward to Born Free and Equal, 1944

While Ansel Adams carefully protected the ownership of the majority of his work, he believed that his photographs of Manzanar constituted such an important historical document that they should belong to the American people. Thus, he donated these photographs to the Library of Congress.

This poster (20 x 24) is a quality reproduction of his photo of the iconic structure of Manzanar War Relocation Center, the memorial obelisk at the center of its cemetery. It has survived to this day as a source of remembrance and inspiration to those visiting Manzanar National Historic Site.

Learn more about the Manzanar Cemetery here.

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