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Manzanar Free Press
Set of Four Issues

Manzanar Free Press<br>Set of Four Issues
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Manzanar Free Press - Set of Four Issues

The Manzanar Free Press (MFP) was the first of its kind to be printed in a relocation center. Its purpose was to serve as an open forum for discussion of administration policies. The publication was supplied free of charge to all evacuees and extra copies sold at five cents each. MFP started as a two-sheet mimeographed edition in April 1942 and later became an independent journal, changing to a four-page printed newspaper in tabloid form. At its height, circulation reached 3,700 copies with mail subscriptions circulating throughout the country.

This set of four issues contains the First and Last issues, plus special Anniversary and Pictorial editions. All are authentic reprints of the originals.

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