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The Water Seekers

The Water Seekers
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The Water Seekers By Remi Nadeau

Here is the epic story of the water quest and water wars that built Southern California. With its pioneer aqueduct across the desert, the Los Angeles of 300,000 people grew to 2,000,000. But by invading the Owens Valley for the water, it stirred up the West’s biggest water war in the 1920s. Then Southern California took on Arizona and the Rocky Mountain states in an equally stormy battle over the Colorado River.

Using both published and unpublished sources, the author also interviewed many key participants on both sides of the issues who were still living when the first edition was written. Now in this fourth edition he depicts the changes in Southern California’s water quest up to our present water crisis, with some warnings for the future. The book also provides more than thirty photographs of the characters and events in this turbulent saga.

Paperback: 280 pp

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