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Deepest Valley… Guide to Owens Valley, Its Roadsides and Mountain Trails

Deepest Valley…  Guide to Owens Valley, Its Roadsides and Mountain Trails
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Deepest Valley… Guide to Owens Valley, Its Roadsides and Mountain Trails Second Edition Edited by Jeff Putnam and Genny Smith

In eastern California, four hours north of Los Angeles, lies a long, trough-shaped valley, bordered on either side by massive mountain ranges. The valley and mountains together form a region of superlatives. Here you will find the highest peak in the lower forty-eight states: Mount Whitney. Also here is the oldest of all living things: the bristlecone pine. And here is our deepest valley: the Owens Valley. Following fifteen years of additional research, Deepest Valley is now back in print, thirty-three years after its original publication. This two-color guide includes thirty-two pages of photographs drawings of wildflowers, trees, birds, and mammals; a road and trail map, old mining and railroad maps, and geologic and mountain drawings, along with an index.

This cherished guidebook of discovery, written with love for the region's wild places and wild creatures, will provide you with all the information needed to find your way. Highway 395 runs the length of the Owens Valley. From it, you will discover, with the help of this book, dozens of side roads leading to lakes, streams, campgrounds, and trailheads in the Sierra Nevada and White-Inyo Mountains. To the west, from high-altitude road ends, the book describes trails leading into the High Sierra--a hiker's paradise of vast expanse, glorious views, and warm summer days with little rain.

A Trail Guide for the Daypack ...A Road Guide for the Car ... A Relaxed, Joyful, Handsome Book to Treasure... Deepest Valley offers perspective and background for what you see today, suggests things to look for, and then sends you on your way to explore and discover.

Paperback: 282 pp

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