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Days of Waiting

Days of Waiting
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Days of Waiting A Film by Steven Okazaki

This moving documentary tells the story of artist Estelle Ishigo, one of the few Caucasians to be interned with Japanese Americans during World War II. When internment was ordered in 1942, she refused to be separated from her husband and lived with him for four years behind barbed wire in Wyoming’s desolate Heart Mountain Relocation Center. During their incarceration, Estelle used her art to depict the deprivation and hardships of camp life from a unique perspective. Her sketches and watercolors provide a poignant record of the lives of the camp’s internees, and their determination to preserve their health, dignity and hopes for a life of future freedom.

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject and a George Foster Peabody Award.

28 minutes

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