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National Parks Edition Monopoly

National Parks Edition Monopoly
Item# 762

National Parks Edition Monopoly Customize YOUR Monopoly game with over 100 National Parks (including Manzanar National Historic Site)!

In 3 easy steps, you can own the most beautiful and historic National Parks in America! 1. Experience America your way. Choose 22 of the the 105 National Parks featured on the label sheets. 2. Place the labels on each property square and deed card. What national treasure will you put on Boardwalk? 3. Plan a cross-country vacation all your own when you buy, sell and trade your favorite National Parks. Its as much fun as it is to play!

As we transition from MHA to ESIA, please do not place any new orders via the webstore. Please check back the week of October 8, 2018 for updated information.

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