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The Bracelet

The Bracelet
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The Bracelet By Yoshiko Uchida and Joanna Yardley

This poignant tale of loss and memory tells the story of seven-year-old Emi, who with her mother and older sister is relocated to an internment camp in 1942 after her father is incarcerated in Montana. On the way to the camp, while her family is temporarily housed in the stables area of a race track, Emi discovers that she has lost a treasured possession, a bracelet given to her by her best friend, Laurie Madison, as a keepsake of the bond they shared before their separation. Heartbroken at first, Emi comes to realize that she will always carry the memory of her friend in her heart. Joanna Yardley’s lyrical watercolor illustrations capture the reality of internment and separation through a child’s eyes.

Paperback: 32 pp

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