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George Yano Magnet Set

George Yano Magnet Set
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George Yano Magnet Set A set of six magnets with reproductions of George Yano's artwork created during his internment at Manzanar. These graceful paintings give a sense of both life in the camp and the landscape in which it was situated.

George Yano arrived at Manzanar from Pasadena, California, on March 21, 1942. Twenty years old and single, he was one of the first Japanese Americans to enter the camp and he eventually lived in Block 24. Former Manzanar school teacher Mary Smeltzer recalled George as a “kibei,” a second-generation Japanese American who had been educated in Japan.

At Manzanar, George painted dramatic scenes of everyday life. He presented ten of his paintings to Mary on the eve of her departure for Chicago in 1943. According to the War Relocation Authority roster, George left Manzanar for Los Angeles on October 10, 1945. Mary Smeltzer did not hear from him again, but never forgot the talented young artist who created beauty within barbed wire. George Yano died in Los Angeles in 1990.

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