Since 2003, Manzanar History Association (MHA) has partnered with the National Park Service to operate the Store at Manzanar National Historic Site. We hope you will visit Manzanar Store in person or stay to shop with us online. But more importantly, we hope you will visit Manzanar National Historic Site -- in person -- and learn more about the compelling issues that have made Manzanar an important part of American history.

MANZANAR STORE is a book and gift store which supports the important educational and interpretive programs at Manzanar National Historic Site. Come to the Visitor Center at Manzanar National Historic Site and see fascinating displays which recount the history of Manzanar, including its time as Manzanar War Relocation Center where more than 10,000 Japanese Americans were confined during World War II. You can visit Manzanar Store right here, right now, online!

OVER THE YEARS, the annual Manzanar Pilgrimage has drawn thousands to the former camp. Those visitors have seen firsthand that Manzanar Store features hundreds of books, DVDs, gifts and other items related to Japanese American history and internment; Japanese culture; and World War II and the 1940s. We carry hard to find items like origami jewelry and reproductions of the famous Takahashi bird pins. The store also carries items relating to the nature and history of this beautiful part of the world -- the Owens Valley and the Sierra Nevada region. We are especially proud of our exclusive educational resources (such as the Teacher Box of Educator Resources and the Evacuation Poster) and other products (such as the Manzanar Baseball) available nowhere else; and of the DVD documentary "Remembering Manzanar," created for use here at the Interpretive Center.

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